Monday, April 20, 2009

Luck Beckoning cat of Japan

maneki neko luck beckoning cat of Japan Blue Sakura Maneki Neko Japan cat of luck id1140213
Blue maneki neko with a hammered brass wire spiral and brass heart charm. is holding a Spring Cleaning Promotion in conjunction with Artfire Jewelry Design and Supply Shop (Ajdjss) guild's "Spring Cleaning and Treasure Hunt Event" from 17th April to 1st May. Please check out Ajdjss blog for all the exciting details: n paste the url address onto the browser)'s Promotion:
Almondtree's Spring Cleaning category
  • 20% Discount off for items listed in Spring Cleaning cateogry (discount is not applicable for shipping costs)Please Note: the prices listed in the spring cleaning cateogory are already after discount.

Almondtree's All other categories (exclude "Spring Cleaning")
  • 10% off listed price (not applicable for shipping costs). Prices listed in all the other categories are before discount.

Payment Options during the promotion:
  • Option A: Please let me know which are the items you wish to purchase and I will create a listing with the revised discounted costs for you to make the purchase.
  • Option B: You can make the purchases as per normal, pay through paypal and I will refund the discount through paypal after payment.

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